We are MRCB. Our goal is to transform communities. Our philosophy is to make life better; not through chance, but through change. We believe that it is when there are changes powerful enough to make your every day better, we have attained our goal.


Our vision is to be a leading Malaysian organisation, recognised for the delivery of world-class services in each of our core businesses, with a corporate presence in strategically selected countries and markets. In doing so, we will strive to be an organissation differentiated globally for its dedication to the delivery of the critical resources for growth in the interest of our country, employees, stakeholders and the various communities within the countries which we operate.


In achieving our Mission, we are firmly committed to the following

• Supporting Malaysia’s economic growth and its pursuit of a developed nation status.

• Building and sustaining a leadership position in the delivery of excellent services in each of our core businesses.

• Creating shareholder value through upholding the principles of good corporate governance, integrity and honesty.

• Nurturing a corporate culture that places an emphasis on learning, knowledge sharing, creativity and speed of delivery.